December 8, 1978 – Captain Coppedge at Annapolis

Annapolis, Maryland – Bo Coppedge, NCAA TV Committee Chair (And Director of Athletics at the United States Naval Academy) had proposed that we meet prior to presenting to the full committee in Kansas City on December 12. He was extremely helpful and suggested I bring as many visual aids as possible. (Remember that we had no computers, internet, digital anything – so we actually had a printer prepare all of our materials).

He also said, “Bring your financial helper too.” JB didn’t know it yet, but he was headed for Kansas City with me. Coppedge added, “You’ll really like the boys on the committee, but they’ll have lots of questions for you.” He clearly made me feel good about going before his committee and meeting its members. “We’ll make sure you have all the time you need, but we won’t reach any decisions.” He added that the TV Committee’s January agenda was full and that assuming things looked promising they would invite me to the February meeting. “Great idea you have Bill, really great, and I’ll make sure you get a good hearing before the committee.”

I called JB as I left Annapolis only to discover that he was out of the office and had left a message for me to call him at 10:00 PM. Curious time for a call…on a Friday night, but I called.

JB answered immediately and politely inquired about my Navy visit. Then, in his by now familiar low-key style, asked, “How would you like to detour through Los Angeles on your way to Kansas City?” (Since my trip would start from Hartford, Connecticut, that was going to be quite a detour).

“Sure – why?” I was about to be introduced to potential investor # 8 – Getty Oil.

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